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Breach Of Contract; Fraud
Investor vs.
Finance Company

Defendants allegedly failed to repay certain proceeds owed to Plaintiff relating to investments in Defendants’ business.

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What does it mean that this deal was prefunded?

Prefunding means that the LLC in which investors in this deal will participate has received initial funding to enable it to make its investment in the underlying legal claim. This initial funding includes a short-term loan from a LexShares affiliate and capital entirely or primarily from one or more investment funds managed by LexShares affiliates, which is deployed into deals prior to capacity being made available on Investors’ equity investments into this deal will serve as permanent funding that will replace the short-term portion of the LLC’s prefunding capital.

Additional information regarding prefunding and how it accomplishes a number of key objectives can be found on our FAQ page and in the Investor Document Packet for each deal, which all investors should carefully review prior to investing. If you have questions about the investment structure, please contact us at [email protected].

Real Estate Developer vs.
Business Partner

This is a settlement acceleration related to a number of real estate disputes with a negotiated and executed settlement.

Breach Of Contract, Fraud
Acquiror vs.

In a claim related to a business acquisition, defendants allegedly fraudulently induced plaintiffs to purchase their company.

Patent infringement
Technology Company vs.
Fortune 500 Company

Defendant allegedly infringed on Plaintiff's registered patent without authorization.

Law Firm Funding
Confidential Plaintiffs vs.
Confidential Defendants

This is a law firm funding to be collateralized by the contingency fees related to a portfolio of legal claims.

Theft of trade secrets
Financial Boutique vs.
Fortune 500 Company

Defendants allegedly misappropriated Plaintiff's trade secrets after executives breached non-disclosure agreements.

Trust dispute, Fraud
Trustee vs.
Trust Beneficiaries

The settlor of a number of revocable trusts was allegedly defrauded and deceived into giving control of his trusts' assets to its beneficiaries,...

Breach Of Fiduciary Duty
Developer vs.
Real Estate Investor

Plaintiff, the minority owner in a two-member LLC, brings an arbitration demand against its business partner and its financing affiliate for...

Law Firm Funding
Various Plaintiffs vs.
Gig Economy Companies

This is a law firm funding for a firm representing numerous plaintiffs against a number of gig economy companies, which have allegedly failed to...

Copyright infringement
Copyright Owner vs.
Media Conglomerate

Defendants allegedly infringed on Plaintiff's copyrighted works by using them without consent to create a popular children’s cartoon.


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